Sunday, January 22, 2012

39 Bloody Years

I'll dispense with my usual greeting of "Good Day" because today is not a good day.

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade that allows women to murder their children in the womb, and the corresponding decision of Doe v. Bolton that allows them to murder their children for any reason they deem fit.

39. Years.

We now approach over 50,000,000 babies being murdered in this country since the decision. . . THAT WE KNOW OF. There have been countless other abortions that have occurred under the radar through chemical means.

We live in what we like to believe is a Christian nation. Certainly, there is no shortage of data to back this up. Many polls show that most people consider themselves to be "christian". A discerning mind can look at such data & realize that such results are simply not reflective of reality. Many of those polls count Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons among those who consider themselves Christian. In reality the number is much lower than what we would be made to believe.

Nonetheless, it is still significant. There is no doubt that Christianity dominates the populace of America. As my former pastor liked to say: "Steeples dot our landscape, and yet the land is full of blood, and pornography is a $52 Billion dollar a year industry." (that last part might be hyperbole)

I have often wondered how we could let this atrocity happen for 39 years. I believe the answer is that we Western Christians are very comfortable, and comfort leads to compartmentalizing our lives. We are angry about abortion. We see that abortion is sinful. In our fantasies, we live in a world without it. Yet all of that fits into the compartment of our "religion". In a compartmentalized life, it is important to not break down the barriers between compartments. When that happens, tough choices need to be made. For example, should our time be spent doing the things that make us happy or should our time be spent living out the principles that we believe? We can see this trend in evangelism, in study, and in most other things we claim to hold in high regard.

I remind you: actions speak louder than words.

It has been the lack of action that has caused 50 million deaths. Despite the myriad of excuses that many come up with for not being involved, the fact of the matter is that most of the church is content to wave a sign for one hour on one day of the year and put a cute bumper sticker on their car, but won't dig in and do the hard work of ending the madness. Perhaps it's because some like the madness and secretly are glad it's there. Perhaps it's because some make their living on the madness and secretly hope it continues. Perhaps it's because some don't understand the madness. Perhaps some don't believe it is madness after all. Perhaps some simply do not care.

Whatever the case may be, the madness continues and will continue until the church at large does something about it.

Yes, brothers and sisters, we will always have sin with us. Yes, I agree that people murder their children because they are sinful and lost. Abortion certainly does wonders for demonstrating a need for a savior. However, brothers and sisters, it is equally sinful to allow the murder to go on while you have it in your power to stop it.

None of us, in our right minds, would allow a man to strangle a child while standing on the sidewalk. Most of us would intervene without thinking about it and make sure we did all we could to save the child. Wouldn't we say that those who speak words of displeasure at the man for strangling the child but allow the man to continue are equally culpable?

Recently Penn State University was rocked by a sickening scandal of child sex abuse. Rightly, many condemned the main culprit Jerry Sandusky. Yet, also correctly, many condemned the men who knew about Sandusky and did nothing.

We all condemn the passive and permissive people of Germany who sat idle while columns of smoke rose from the furnaces of the concentration camps in WWII. When we liberated those camps, allied soldiers marched the nearby townsfolk through the camps to see the terrible things that were done. Americans applauded this effort.

Now we have the death camps in American cities. So typical of the American culture of putting on a good face, we call them "Women's Health Centers" and "Family Planning Clinics". They give out free birth control, and balloons for the kids! They march in our Labor Day parades throwing candy and handing out their pamphlets about how they are going to help you. All the while the butchers they employ poison wombs with saltwater, &/or tear a child limb from limb inside the womb. Some insert surgical scissors into the back of a child's skull, then vacuum the brain out collapsing the skull. Afterward they dispose of the remains in dumpsters, or they sell the bodies to scientists to be experimented on.

Even typing it makes me sick.

A country that gave many American lives to free Europe from the grip of a genocidal maniac has too long harbored it's own version of genocidal mania. A mania that has had it's grip on America for 39 years.

39 bloody years.

It is well past time for the American Church to shake free of it's slumber and put a stop to this. No more can we sit calmly in our pews singing our songs of the "Sweet by and by". No more can we chalk up this tragedy to simply a manifestation of sinfulness in man while ignoring our own sin of apathy. No more can we choose to not love our Pre-Born neighbor. Wake up America! Wake up American Christians! Your day of infamy has come.

Here are five things you can do in the 40th year of abortion to put an end to this tragedy.

  1. Preach the Gospel. Spend time each day tell those who do not believe that they are in desperate need of a Savior. Abortion exists in a culture of sin, in a culture that tolerates sin. We ought to impress upon those around us how intolerable sin really is and help them to see the Savior they so desperately need.

  2. Pray. Then pray some more. Commit to it.

  3. Shut off you TV, turn off your video games, and put away your idols. Too much of modern Christian's time is spent in recreation. Ask yourself, does it glorify God to consume 14 hours of TV a week and another 10 of video games? Couldn't we at least give half of those times to preaching the Gospel or standing in front of an abortion clinic talking to the women who want to kill their babies? Join a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Start a pro-life campaign to make people see abortion for what it really is. Stand in front of an abortion clinic. Join a group dedicated to stopping abortion and be a blessing to them. And join a REAL group that does something REAL to end abortion. Not some group that has luncheons and banquets and gives out stupid awards all the time or runs weak ads on the Christian stations. Get to the muck and grime of abortion. Contact these people for more information.

  4. Settle for nothing less than a declaration of Personhood in the laws of your state. If your state has a pending amendment to declare personhood, then get involved and get behind it. If it doesn't, call your representatives until you do.

  5. Vote Ron Paul. Seriously. The guy has been trying to overturn Roe v. Wade for years. A Ron Paul presidency would give you the ability to fight this issue in your state and to prosecute abortion under your laws. Neither the State nor the Feds could stop it. Ron Paul is the only consistent pro-life candidate to run for president since Roe v. Wade and he has the track record to back up his claims. A Ron Paul presidency would do wonders for this battle in the United States.

Above all, stop being fooled and stop acting foolishly. We aren't going to end abortion simply because we want it to end. It will take hard work and more importantly, SMART work to get it done. It will also be one of the most important things you will ever do with your life.


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