Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Philosophy of Blogging

Good Day all!

In case you haven't noticed, this is now three. . . count 'em THREE. . . days that I have blogged in a row. So I thought today, being less than 72 hours into the New Year, I would outline why I'm blogging again and what my philosophy of blogging (the what and when) will be.

I think I want to blog because I have something to say. Those who know me know that I'm an opinionated person. I know that for some people, being called opinionated is a pejorative. Not for me. I've never had the ability to look at something that really matters, KNOW it is wrong, and not speak my mind. I'm not talking about minor issues. I happen to be a fan of Pittsburgh sports teams. You'll never convince me that there is a better football franchise than the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you happen to love the Lions, I might kid around with you, but I don't much care and it's not going to change my evaluation of you as an acquaintance, nor my measure of you as a friend.

But tell me you're an atheist, pro-abortion, etc., and we're going to have a discussion.

So, basically, I think the first reason I want to blog is because I have things to say about matters of life that. . . well. . . matter. I hope to diminish my own voice and help you to hear from God from His word, the Bible, which is why I went exegetical on you yesterday. But, I've studied long enough to know that the medium's voice is present in all places. The key is to not allow that medium to corrupt the message. May it never be with me.

I also want to blog not because I have things to say, but because I have things to say on matters that aren't spoken of enough from a Biblical prospective, nor spoken of at all. This is the primary reason why I named this Blog "That Crazy Christian". I have often felt that I didn't have a home in the world. While I know this is not uncommon, I think that is ought not to be for one who knows Christ. The world won't have me, I love Jesus. Most churches won't have me, I take Jesus seriously. In the end, I usually feel like people look at me as a weird, or, you know, "crazy". One because I have (to them) nutty beliefs in a fairy tale, and to another because those beliefs actually influence me and who I am. I know I'm not alone in this.

I think a big reason for wanting to blog is because God ought to be glorified everywhere and by everyone. Including the blogosphere. So far, only a few of my friends and acquaintances read this blog. That's fine (I'm grateful for the support guys). If God were to bless me beyond that, I'll praise Him for that too. Yet, while I tip my cap to those who do good work in blogs (see my recommended reading to the right), I want to see to it that what God has blessed me with the ability and vision to see is expressed.

Which brings me to my last point on why I want to blog. I am determined to be completely spent for Christ on the day of my death. That on that day, I'll have nothing left to give, no more to contribute, nothing but the desire to see my Savior. So, in the meantime I will take the opportunities that God puts before me and pour myself into them. Somewhere, Mom is reading this and says that I see too many opportunities too often. She's probably right, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying. Like I said yesterday, I am committing to deemphasizing recreation and entertainment, instead redeeming the time God has given me.

So, that is "why".

"What" will I blog, and how often? Well, I have far less to say on that subject. Last time I crashed and burned because I didn't really have a focus. I wanted to be uber-serious about everything at first and would pour over posts that were never exactly right. Then I said, well let's just post anything and everything which lead me to basically posting things that ended up looking dumb or simply reposting things I found funny on Chris Rosenberg's blog. It felt pointless and a waste of my time.

I want to aim for one post a day for Monday - Saturday, and optionally on Sundays. For now, I'm limiting myself to that because I don't want to run through a bunch of ideas all at once. Once I get into the habit, we'll see how it goes.

I want the main focus on this blog to be Christ, as I said above. But that isn't to say that this ought to be a blog full of expository preaching. In fact, most blogs like that don't really appeal to me. So, while I will talk very often about Christ and all things that are associated with Him, it is not out of the possibility that I would talk politics, sports, or just about the great life God has given me.

We'll see.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the adventure, and to meeting new people. Follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, and above all. . . KEEP GLORIFYING THE KING OF KINGS!

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