Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Crazy Stuff III

I did NOT sleep well and have made some DUMB mistakes so far today. I also haven't really blogged in three days due to my crazy weekend. Therefore, I'll do a "Random Crazy Stuff" for today.


  • If you care to see John McCain's opposition research for Mitt Romney, you can find it here.

  • Vox Day reminds us of the sheer insanity of our Foreign Policy. He also injects some logic into the right wing response that killing Iranian civilians is somehow not terrorism.

  • It's always frightening when a Federal Judge doesn't seem to understand the Constitution.

  • Mitt Romney is going to have his fair share of problems rallying the conservative base in the general election. This article is just a glimpse of that.

  • Newt Gingrich want to colonize the moon. No. . . you read that right.

  • Ron Paul had a good response to this:

  • If you are on Twitter and you aren't following this guy, you are doing it wrong.



  • This movie looks frightening. Also very important.

  • I'm pleased to link The Summer Book Company in my "People/Organizations I Support" section. They have some of the best Homeschool stuff out there.

  • The Giants won. Yay. This Steeler fan dislikes the Patriots. However, I'd take 9 more Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP's to never see that ABOMINATION of a Super Bowl Halftime Show again.

  • Speaking of the Halftime show, Barnabas Piper (Son of John Piper) had the TWEET OF THE YEAR (!!!)

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Lot's of stuff coming this week once I get some sleep. Until then. . .

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