Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Website Tweaks

Good Day all!

I have not blogged since Thursday and this post is going to be short and have very little in the way of content. Shame on me!

The reason I haven't blogged since Thursday is because my personal life has been a little crazy of late. It will start to slow down a bit after tomorrow (I HOPE!) and I'll be back at it on a daily basis.

The reason for the short post today is because I've spent some time making some improvements to the website.

  1. I've cleaned up the side bar. I got rid of a lot of the titles and forms and just made everything linkable. I got rid of the twitter widget that I never really liked and replaced it with a button to follow me on Twitter. I changed the facebook widget so it wasn't so obnoxious. You can now see the smiling faces of my friends on facebook and can like the blog there if you haven't already. I added Summer Book Company to the organizations I recommend, and added "The Dividing Line" and "Voxic Shock" to the recommended listening section.

  2. Probably the most time consuming change was making the commitment to Social Media. Now, prominently displayed at the bottom of each post will a button to like the post on Facebook, to "+1" the post on Google Plus, and to tweet the post on Twitter. You can also E-Mail the post, Digg it, add it to Technorati, bookmark it on, stumble upon it on Stumble Upon, whatever the heck it is you do on Reddit, and post it to Newsvine. Also, links to "Email", "Share on Facebook", "Twit This", and "Digg This" will appear at the end of each post in your RSS Reader. Please make use of these tools and tell your friends, followers, and other Social Media folks about this blog!

I guess that's really it. That took much longer than it sounds.

I may try to mess around with the blog a little more in the future, but for now I'll let the recent changes set in. I'm trying to find a way to pull out some of my tags and put all of the posts for one tag on a page. I want to do this for posts tagged "About Me", "Mini-Series'", and "Sermonettes". I'll keep playing with it. Additionally I'm going to look into getting a domain name for the blog and I'll also start bothering my graphic artist friends to help upgrade the look of the site.

In the meantime, I'm working on two big posts for you. Tomorrow we'll look at the Scriptures dealing with divorce and see if we can come up with a Biblical understanding of divorce and remarriage. I'll give you my perspective on the matter as a divorced man. Later in the week we'll talk about prayer which I may turn into a mini-series.

Until then, let me know what you think about the new changes. Stay Faithful.

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